About Dr.Upendra V.Mehta

Dr. Upendra V. Mehta started Vrindavan Hernia Institute & Piles Center in 1981 at Kandivali (W), after Passing Master of Surgery from Mumbai University. In 35 Year this institute has successfully treated 32,000 HERNIA & Piles Patients. Institute has well equipped Modern Operation Theater & Comfortable Rooms. It is Managed by very efficient, Polite, caring Staff, to serve hernia & Piles Patients with atmost care. Dr. Upendra Mehta, has operated over 18,500 hernia patients under local Anaesthesia, with excellent Result & 0.1% Recurrence Rate. Dr. Upendra Mehta has operated 105 years old man for hernia at Vrindavan Hernia Institute & Piles Center. Over 750 Patients above 80 years are operated successfully. Hundreds of patients with weight above 100 kg. (upto 135 Kg.) have been operated successfully at Vrindavan Hernia Institute & Piles Center. Thousands of Heart Patients, Asthma Patients are operated successfully under local anaesthesia for Hernia Surgery at Vrindavan Hernia Institute.

Dr. Mehta presented his technique by video recording in Annual Conference of Association of Surgeons of India in 1988. He also wrote an article in Medical Journal in 1988. He also presented live Surgery in workshop during 25th (Silver Jubilee) Annual Conference of Maharashtra state chapter of Association of Surgeons of India in February 2003. He visited Dr. Gilbert of Miami Hernia Center in U.S.A,. He visited world's largest & oldest Shouldices Hernia Center in Toronto, Canada & participated in over Hundred Hernia Surgeries with Dr. Degani, Dr. Alexander, Dr. Chen & other Hernia surgeons in 2004, 2005 and again in 2008. He visited Coastal Surgical Center in St. Louis Obispo (U.S.A.) and participated in number of Hernia Surgeries with Dr. Hayashi. He presented live Hernia Surgery in 63rd Annual Conference of Association of surgeons of India. In 2006 he presented Hernia Surgery in Asia Pacific hernia conference. In 2007, Dr. Mehta presented live Hernia Surgery for demonstration in India Hernia Update. He was also chairperson in discussion regarding various methods of Hernia Surgery during India Hernia Update. Dr. Mehta presented live Hernia surgery for demonstration in Indian Hernia Society conference in 2012.

Chief Surgeon of Shouldice hernia center Dr. Alexander described Dr. Mehta as one of the most reliable hernia surgeon amongst leading hernia surgeons world over.

He visited Singapore General Hospital in 2002 & worked with Dr. Seow Choen for Piles Fissure Surgeries.

Over 13,500 patients of Piles & Fissure in Ano are operated till date with 1% recurrence & average 3-4 days abstinence from work.

Number of Patients are regularly operated from U.S.A.,U.K., Gulf Countries, Bangladesh, Australia, China & African Countries for Hernia as well as Piles.

Hundreds of Medical Consultants & their relatives including Senior Surgeons are operated for Hernia as well as Piles till today successfully.

About Clinic

Vrindavan Hernia Institute & Piles Center was established in 1981. It has 2000 square feet office Place including fully equipped Hernia O.T. & separate Piles Theater. More than 18,500 inguinal hernias are operated under L.A. 13,500 Piles, Fissure operations have been done with 1% recurrence & average 3 days recovery time. Most Patients of Piles and almost all Patients of Hernia walk out of operation Theater on their own to room & go home in few hours to one day.

Patient leaves unaided to rest room, Patient dresses himself & has his food normally. patient leaves in 12 to 24 hrs of surgery. Post operative pain is low. Patient is encouraged to walk atleast 1 mile from next day of surgery, pt can lift up about 5 kgs weight from the next day & resume all daily activities without any restriction medically. Heavy work, manual labour may be resumed in 2-4 weeks time. Long term recurrence rate is about 0.1%-.


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