Dr. Mehta visited Dr. Seow-choen at Singapore General Hospital in 2002 to participate in live Piles, Fissure Surgeries & discuss various treatment avenues.
Piles : 1st & 2nd degree No Anaesthesia-Sclerotherapy 1% recurrence.
Recurrence need reinjection or Haemorrhoidectomy Recurrance rate after HAEMORROHIDECTOMY is 1%.

For 3rd & 4th Degree Pilesand Piles Associated with other diseases requiring surgery, semi closed HAEMORRHOIDECTOMY. After Semi closed Haemorrhoidectomy, there is some bleeding, pain and complication like stricture and recurrence. 1 or 2 days Hospital stay, 1 week at Home. Almost all patients walk away from operation Theatre after surgery, under Local Anaesthesia with minimal short acting General Anaesthesia.
Fissure In Ano : Lateral Sphincterotomy is ideal, done under Local Anaesthesia with Minimal Short Acting G.A. much less post operative pain, bleeding & complication of stricture incontinence & recurrence. Patient walks away from O.T.
More than 13,500 Patients of Piles Fissure have been operated sucessfully. Majority of patients 10,000, 85% have joined their work in two three days. Less than 1% recurrence in last 13,500 Patients.

Increased fiber content of food with salad, vegetables and fruits is very essential along with increased consumption of water to prevent recurrence of the disease. Prolonged straining at the time of motion is to be avoided. Constipation is to be avoided if necessary with Isabgool.


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